About Fssai

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) Has been established under Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 which consolidates various acts like Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, 1954 , Fruit Products Order , 1955, Meat Food Products Order 1973, Vegetable Oil Products (Control) Order, 1947,Edible Oils Packaging (Regulation)Order 1988, Solvent Extracted Oil, De- Oiled Meal and Edible Flour (Control) Order, 1967, Milk and Milk Products Order, 1992 etc, which stands repealed after commencement of FSSI Act, 2006.

FBO’s (Food Business Operators) Any undertaking, Whether Private or Public, For profit or not, Carrying out any of the activities related to any stage of Manufacture, Processing, Packaging, Storage, Transportation, Distribution of food, Imports & Exports including food services, Sale of food or Food Ingredients in the country are to get themselves compulsorily Registered/Licensed with the Government as per provisions of Food Safety and Standards (Licensing and Registration of Food Business) Regulations, 2011.

FSSAI License and Registration: The Process of application for FSSAI License/Registration starts with identification of eligibility of your Premises & Business Nature depending upon the installed capacity (for manufacturers) and/or turnover (for other business) and/or location. Your premises/Business may be eligible for any of the following categories.

Types Of Fssai License

FSSAI Central license :-
This license is applicable typically on large business. It is also required in cases where you need to supply at the government offices or import / export food products.

FSSAI State license :-
This license is applicable to mid-sized companies which have annual turnover between Rs.12 lacs to -20 crores.

FSSAI Basic registration :-
This is required for small business or startups which have annual turnover below Rs.12 lakhs. Basic registration can be upgraded to state license as your sales graph increases.